Ways to use a treadmill

Hi everyone.  Welcome back to my sports and fitness blog.  

I hope you all had a great Christmas and are as excited as I am for 2016 to be over and to welcome 2017 in.  One of my favourite traditions for the New Year period is to look over my list of New Year resolutions from the year before, and see how far I have come and how far I still have to go.  I then think about my goals and plans for the year ahead and where I hope to see myself.  

One of the most common resolutions I see from people is to get fit and to lose weight.  So I wanted to share with you all some new ways to use the treadmill.  I recently bought myself a treadmill for my at home gym and found some great second hand bargains online here; www.cheap.forsale/treadmill.

So without further ado here are some of my favourite ways to use a treadmill.


Check out our post from a few weeks ago as Tabata is great to perform on a treadmill.

Sideways Shuffle.

You might think that you need to run and walk forwards on a treadmill, but that’s not all you can.  Side stepping can be a great way to work out on the treadmill, and manages to work out lots of different muscles including your hips, thighs – inner and outer, calf muscles, abs and core as well as your obliques.  It’s also a great way to improve your balance, strength and your focus.  

To do the sideways shuffle is very simple.  First, start walking slowly.  Place your hands on the rails to the side of you. Next as soon as you take step forward with the left foot, turn your body sideways. Then shuffle forwards as you would if you were sideways shuffling on the floor and move sideways.  When you’ve done enough shuffling on the left leg turn your legs back to face the front and repeat on the right hand side.  Remember to perform the exercise equally on the left hand side as well as the right hand side.


When you find it easier you can increase the speed and the height of the treadmill for a bigger challenge.

These are great to perform with other people, maybe try taking your sports team for a group gym session next time.

sideways shuffle treadmill


Upper body.

Another great exercise for the treadmill, and especially great for those focusing on upper body strength training.  A treadmill is a great place to do dips and chest presses.

Tricep Dips.

To complete a tricep dip you firstly stand on the treadmill as you normally would facing the front.  Next place each hand on the rails to the side of you.  When your grip on the treadmill rails is strong enough you have to lean back onto your legs and heels, and bend your arms.  Push yourself up so that you’re back in the starting position.

Chest Presses.

To complete a chest press up you stand on the treadmill and face the front.   Place your hands on the rails to the side of you and use the handrails to push yourself up off to complete a push up.

Having a wider stance will put more pressure and emphasis on the chest and ab muscles.  To increase the difficulty of the exercise turn and face the back of the treadmill and increase the incline of the treadmill.  This change the position and makes it harder to complete.

tricep dip treadmill

Arms above your heads

You might look a little bit silly performing this exercise in the gym but it really does raise your heart rate and is a great way to start off a workout session.  

Walking with your arms above your head doesn’t seem difficult, and that’s because it isn’t but either raising your arms for the whole workout or alternating between arms raised and lower is a great way to slowly raise your heart rate and get you ready for a hard workout.

Another great tip for walking with your arms above your head on the treadmill is to use small weights.  You can find some small weights perfect for this here; www.cheap.forsale/weights


Walk backwards.

Again another exercise which might make you feel a little bit silly performing in gym is walking backwards on the treadmill.  It does require a bit more concentration that using a treadmill forwards but it’s great at working out your leg muscles in a different way.  
One of my favourite workouts is to put the treadmill on a speed of 3, and have the inclination at it’s highest.  Switch between walking forwards and walking backwards for two minutes at a time and increase and decrease the inclination slightly.  It’s great for working out your quad muscles, glutes and calves and works great at strengthening and building muscles.

backwards walking treadmill


If you need some more exercise equipment check out the online classified ads website http://www.cheap.forsale/ where I found my treadmill.

Check out http://www.womenshealthmag.com/fitness/treadmill-exercises for more uses of the treadmill.  Until next time folks, have a great new year.