Why you should join a sports team.

Hi everyone, and welcome back to my Sports and Fitness blog.  Thanks for all your feedback on my last post, it was great knowing that so many people have read it.  And special thanks to those who commented telling me where there are some American Football clubs nearby.  I’ll be trying one of them out this week, so stay tuned!

Today I wanted to post about the reasons why you should join a sports team.  Obviously we’re all ‘aware about why we should join them as children.  And i’m sure many of us have told our kids or other people’s kids that they should participate in school activities.  But as an adult it’s also really important to get involved.  And here’s why.

Adult baseball

  1. Team work.

    Working together forms bonds that are much harder to break.  Recruit friends and co-workers, which will make your boss happy that you’re improving in office dynamics and improving team work!

  2. Making new friends and meeting new people.

    We all know that making friends as an adult is much harder than as a child.  No longer can you walk up to someone and decide to be besties. Joining a team is a great way to meet like minded people and to build a sense of camaraderie that’s hard to find.

  3. Easy to stick too

    Not turning up to class is not an option when you feel like you’re letting people down.  Having a shiity day, it doesn’t matter, get your butt in gear and head over.  You’ll feel better in no time surrounded by friends.

  4. Increase your desire to be active and fit.

    The more you participate in sports the more you’ll want to.  Not only do you have to be active during your class but you’ll need to warm up and cool down as well as practice on your off days.

  5. It’s fun!

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and join a club today.  You’ll get fitter, make lots of new friends and have fun! Why not?